AP Webinar Recording:

How AP Automation Supports your Business Goals in 2019 & Beyond

AP Expert

Mary Schaeffer


Daniel Saraste


Nearly every organization has a digital transformation agenda, yet individual progress varies. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear a panel of AP experts discuss the need for strategic accounts payable automation initiatives in 2019 supported by a solution with rapid deployment for immediate benefits.



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2019/6/12 15:00:00 GMT-0400
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What you’ll learn:

  • Why AP automation is critical for scalable business operations and reaching business goals in 2019
  • How every part of your organization benefits from an automated accounts payable process including the C-suite
  • A real-life AP automation success story uncovering the benefits of a best-of-breed, cloud-based AP solution

Who you’ll hear from:

Mary Schaeffer, the founder and publisher of AP Now, has nearly 20 years spent researching and writing about accounts payable related problems and solutions, and 15 years of corporate finance and treasury experience that’s led her to become known as America’s lead accounts payable expert.

Daniel Saraste, VP of Product Marketing at Medius, has over 14 years of experience in the procure to pay technology industry. His real-world functionality approach to solutions gives him a unique vantage point into the technologies available today and the best-practice approach to helping businesses embark on a successful journey of digital transformation.

Daniel Shore, former AP manager with nearly 15 years’ experience automating the payables process from the ground floor up, currently AP automation expert consultant with Medius, will share his experience introducing AP automation at a large manufacturing company, delving into the real, immediate benefits that came with selecting a best-of-breed, cloud-based AP automation solution.

The applications for the accounts payable function are amazing. So, one has to ask: Why hasn’t every single organization automated their invoice processing; why would anyone still want to deal with paper?
- Mary Schaeffer, Founder, AP Now